Anonymous Did Not Hack Alt-Right Website ‘Daily Stormer’

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The hacker group Anonymous have taken credit for a number of high profile hacks, but the recent story posted to alt-right neo nazi site is not one of them

As far as alt-right neo nazi “news” sources go, the Daily Stormer has been a go to for white nationalists ever since it started in 2013. Interestingly enough, white nationalism and its obsession with hacking and the hacker group Anonymous has been on the rise in recent years, most likely due to the fact that many people within the white nationalist community who run websites like the Daily Stormer tend to post click bait headlines to incite urgency in the reader. In this case, DS decided to pretend that Anonymous hacked their website, even going so far as to make the site look like it had been taken over by hackers. What really happened, though, was their web hosting provider GoDaddy got tired of their shit.

As seen on Twitter, Godaddy announced their parting of ways with the controversial website after DS posted an article mocking the death of a woman at the now infamous white nationalist rally in Charlottesville Virginia:

A few Daily Stormer followers claimed censorship, of course, but most web hosting companies are pretty strict about not allowing hate speech on their servers, and it makes sense why. If you were running a web server that was embroiled in a legal battle over hate crimes, you would most likely want to distance yourself as quickly as possible, so having strict policies against hate speech in your Terms of Service is pretty standard.

Anonymous denied any involvement whatsoever and said DS was simply pulling a publicity stunt.



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