CNN Awkwardly Navigates Madonna’s F-Bomb Littered Women’s Rights Speech

madonna speech

Apparently, a modern day women’s rights rally is a little too much for CNN as pop music legend Madonna got shut down after dropping the f-word in a speech covered by CNN today during a taping of the Women’s Rights rally in Washington D.C.

Censorship from corporate media is deep-rooted in American history, but President Trump’s recent calls for new media regulations have ignited a controversy over the First Amendment and what is socially tolerated in the mainstream press. But today CNN openly allowed three f-bombs to drop during Madonna’s rally speech in Washtingon D.C. at the Women’s Rights march.

Many folks on social media consider Madonna a has-been who is irrelevant today, but what these people may not realize is that her music and attitude has had a major impact on American feminism. Flaunting her sexuality as a pop idol helped to pave the way for more musical artists to not be shy about their own sexuality on screen and on stage.



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