D.C. Judge Approves Anti-Trump Website Warrant At Dreamhost

Dreamhost Subpoena

The website DisruptJ20.org, hosted at Dreamhost, is being investigated with a search warrant granted by a Washington D.C. judge

The Justice Department served a warrant for the IP addresses, visitor logs, contact information, emails and photos of more than 1 million people who visited an Anti-Trump website called DisruptJ20.org.

Disrupt J20 says it was building the framework needed to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump using mass protests, a crowd-sourcing tactic many left-wing activists have been openly promoting for decades.

The investigation shows a clear intention of the Department of Justice to shut down political protests which oppose the current government leadership establishment. The DOJ is currently led by Jeff Sessions, the incumbent Attorney General of the United States, under the direction of President Donald Trump. Since Sessions assumed office in February 2017 he’s made it clear that he intends to crack down on hard crimes involving guns, drugs and child pornography, and has already raked in a darknet gun and drug marketplace called Alpha Bay in July.

Disrupt J20 doesn’t match his usual targets, however. In fact, political groups are usually left off the radar of the DOJ unless they can be defined as a terrorist organization, which begs the question: is Dosrupt J20 a terrorist organization? The short answer, thus far, is no since the worst that happened was minor property damage at the inauguration.

Meanwhile, hate groups such as the KKK and neo-nazi groups have been organizing and looking for the right time to stage their demonstrations, with a large number of recent cancellations and an upcoming hurricane clouding the alt-right’s prospective outlook.



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