How Bernie Sanders Will Get Things Done

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Every Hillary Clinton support you talk to says Bernie Sanders can’t get anything done if he becomes president. Is this true? Not quite..

The office of the preside actually has quite a bit of executive control, especially through executive orders and appointing department heads that can drastically change how the country functions. For example, Sanders would have the power to appoint a new Attorney General, a new leader of the Department of Justice Criminal Division, a new anti-trust division head, a new Federal Reserve chair, and then ask them all to investigate criminal activity within the big banks and alter how the Fed does business with the banks. All of this would have a huge impact on the economy. No new laws need to be created to do any of this.

In CBS’s February 2016 Democratic Debate, Sanders proclaimed that he agreed with Obama on immigration and his use of executive order to help ease the tension of deportation, even saying he would “go further” than Obama. But executive orders don’t stop at immigration, they can also have economic change as well, as we’ve seen with Obama’s recent order that called for more regulation to improve conditions for small businesses, workers and consumers.

What all of this means is that it’s not entirely true that Bernie wouldn’t get anything done as president. He would be making quite a few drastic changes that he doesn’t need congress for. However, we all know it’d be in his best interest to work with congress, even if he has to compromise on a few things — a president is not well liked if he constantly goes around congress. Therefore, it’s crucial that people vote for congressmen that will support him if they want to see the changes he is proposing.



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