Tekoso Media Latest Victim of Alt-right Conspiracy Theory Trolling

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New York – Tech company Tekoso Media, a web hosting and development company located in Brooklyn, NY, was targeted recently in what looks to be a revenge smear campaign by the alt-right after the company filed copyright complaints for unauthorized use of a graphic they own.

The theory goes like this: “Tekoso Media is a shell company working for the DNC that filed fraudulent copyright claims in order to silence people who talk about Seth Rich on Youtube.” Nobody pushing this theory, however, has any shred of evidence that this is true, so we contacted Tekoso Media ourselves to get a better idea of where the truth lies.

On a blog post of Zachary Paul, the company’s founder, Paul says that his company Tekoso Media, himself and his family have been harassed and threatened with violence by a number of neo Nazis on social media and internet forums notorious for the crowdsourcing of conspiracy theory “research” such as 8chan and various alt-right subreddits. This sort of group think essentially amounts to bullying and cyber harassment which is a criminal offense, and usually consists of posting already public information about someone such as profile pictures and contact information, but can lead to serious consequences, for when these posts are shared, it can spin out of control in a mob mentality fashion and essentially make a mountain out of a mole hill for the victim.

Tekoso Media says they filed copyright violation reports with Youtube and Google and ever since then have been the victim of defamation, more copyright infringement and mounting cyber harassment that has resulted in more than one criminal charge and a pending lawsuit that Paul says is a “slam dunk case” according to his lawyers.

“I’m not sure why these people think that defamation is the proper response to a standard DMCA takedown request,” Paul told Storm Politics, “but in the end they are the ones who are hurting their own reputations when the truth comes out in court.”

One of the trolls is the now infamous Chuck Johnson of GotNews, an independent journalist who suspicious stopped writing for numerous news organizations after making unsubstantiated claims and causing a stir in the media. Some of those claims involved former President Barack Obama and Senator Cory Booker being homosexuals. In fact, Johnson seems to have an obsession with “uncovering” politician’s supposed homosexuality. He now makes his living creating bogus conspiracy theories and sharing them all over the internet, according to Gawker Media, whom Johnson tried to sue for libel and failed. In other words, he may be the epitome of the “fake news” epidemic everyone has been upset about these past couple of years.

Johnson also was responsible for organizing and hyping up various White House staff earlier this year for Trump’s transition team, most of whom have since resigned or gotten fired. It seems that, as far as journalists go, Johnson may see a shorter career than most in the world of news media if he keeps making things up, and this case with Tekoso Media is a good example of the blowback he is likely to continue receiving. Twitter, for example, suspended his account permanently when he consistently broke their Terms of Service with hate speech and fake news propaganda, while quite a few articles from ABC, Forbes and a few other outlets describe Johnson as “the most hated man on the internet.”

Paul had no further comment when asked about details of the libel case he is filing, but he says he is planning on wrapping it up by the end of the year.



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