Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates For Defying Executive Orders

sally yates fired

Just 10 days after taking over as Attorney Genery, Sally Yates has been fired by President Trum for not adhering to new executive orders regarding immigration and refugees

Yates, who was appointed Deputy Attorney General by former president Barack Obama, had taken over the position of Acting Attorney General just ten days prior to her firing for refusal to adhere to President Trump’s executive orders declaring temporary immigration bans.

The bans were the result of a long campaign by the Trump administration to protect America from Middle Eastern terrorists and illegal immigrants from Mexico and have resulted in a fast rise of political dissent in the form of large protests at airports where travelers from the regions have been detained. Only two days ago, a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York had issued a stay against the orders, allowing detainees to be released from airport security. Since then, new events of detainment have arisen across the country and the globe.

Yates was replaced with Dana J. Boente, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, and is set to act as Attorney General until Jeff Sessions is officially appointed.




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