Viral Video Shows Racism Alive and Well at Six Flags San Antonio, TX

racist six flags

“Say it again, go ahead” says Angela Gomez to an angry white woman in a bikini and sunglasses at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio on Saturday. In response, the unidentified woman leans into the camera and says slowly and loudly, “WET. BACK.”

In her now viral Facebook post, which has received around 11,000 shares in the past day, Gomez said she and her family had reserved a table but had been asked by the unidentified woman if her family could share the table. Gomez said “of course,” but then asked if the woman’s son would not side on the tabletop but on the bench part like everyone else, which set the woman off.

“Racism is alive and well this lady had the audacity to call us wetbacks telling us to go back to Mexico because we asked her to have her kid to sit down please and not put his butt where people eat at. I have video of her callin us wetbacks and some crap about welfare. ???? bro San Antonio is the wrong place to call anyone a wetback.

I do apologize for the swearing in the you can imagine we all were very angry. If anyone can edit it let me know.
Ok let me add this since this is going more viral than I thought. Yes we asked the parents to have the kid sit on the bench part of the table. We had reserved those tables and they asked if they could sit and eat there we of course told them absolutely no problem well they got crazy when we asked them to have the kid sit on the table correctly.”

Watch the video below:

Situations like this where racial slurs have been caught on camera phones by victims and onlookers have been gaining increasing attention since Donald Trump took the office of the Presidency. Over the past few weeks, a number of similar videos have gone viral, including a New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg who claimed he wasn’t racist after a viral video of him telling workers of a prominent Manhattan restaurant to speak English and threatened to called ICE immigration enforcement officers.

Another incident at a Starbucks in Philadelphia where two African American men were arrested for doing nothing and comedian Roseanne Barr losing her revived TV show spot on ABC over a racist tweet are two more such examples that have set off the liberal left while being largely ignored by the conservative right. Instead, conservative news outlets have been focused more on liberal hypocrisy such as comedian Samantha Bee’s use of the phrase “feckless c-nt” to describe Ivanka Trump, with the President calling for Bee’s firing leading the pack.



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